Challenging Ideas On Essential Details In Dining

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Open Thursday through Saturday just for dinner, I imagine a lot of the business the restaurant gets is from ATV riders after a long day on the trails. But it is also open to the public and is a great place for events, dates, or just a night out with friends and family. +3 A crackling firepit outside the restaurants set the mood for a cozy, rustic evening. The sweet smell of a wood burning stove greeted us just inside the door, a pleasant contrast to the cold air outside. In the warmer months, the first seating section is open-air, but for now it is covered. As we made our way to the main dining area, sounds of good times grew louder. The inside of the restaurant is just what youd expect from a cabin in the woods. Warm and inviting, the ambiance is cozy like a cabin, but also vibrant and social.